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  • TVXQ! Two writers' fairy tale books. Book report event announcement!

    TVXQ! Two writers' fairy tale books. Book report event announcement!

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-11-16
  • Let`s be a fairy tale writer with TVXQ! Event Guide

    Let`s be a fairy tale writer with TVXQ! Event Guide

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-09-28
  • TVXQ! Check This Out 3, 4 episodes Quiz Event Guide

    TVXQ! Check This Out 3, 4 episodes Quiz Event Guide

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-08-31
  • Guide to the TVXQ! Fairy Tale Character Naming Event

    <Please give me my name! -The Fairy Tale Character Naming Event!> Please name the right name for the fairy tale character!The name you build yourself becomes the name of the character.For those who have given us the character's name, we will make a special character doll. (One each) Participation methodPlease write down the homepage ID / character number / name ,meaning, reason for naming, etc. by e-mail for the event. ( The homepage ID (Please go to * for the following three digits);2. Character number (all of the two characters are available for support);3. Names of each character (ex-1. Mr. notes / 2. Mr. rabbit);4. Meaning, reasons for naming, etc.; Event period* Competition (received limited mail): 2021.08.25 12:00 to 08.31 23:59* Vote (vote Twitter by selecting candidates among the public names)2021.09.03 12:00 to 09.09 23:59* Selected name announcement: 2021.09.10 12:00* Winners announcement: 2021.09.15 * If there are several people who have colluded the same name, I will present a character doll to the member who first accepted the e-mail. I would like to ask you to watch CHECK THIS OUT of TVXQ! in the future.

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-08-25
  • Check This Out TVXQ!'s handwritten tumbler presentation event!

    Check This Out TVXQ!'s handwritten tumbler presentation event! 

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-07-22
  • TVXQ!'s ‘CHECK THIS OUT’ first broadcast commemorative quiz event guide

        TVXQ!'s ‘CHECK THIS OUT’ first broadcast commemorative quiz event guide  - On July 30th, TVXQ! will be hosting the first broadcast release quiz event.  Four of those who left the homepage ID and quiz correct answer were drawnWe present the specially produced TVXQ! [participation period]  August 2, 2021 (Mon) to August 13, (Fri) from 11:59 am [participation method] 1. Subscription of members after accessing the official website; 2. Please write down the correct answer by selecting one of two quizzes along with the homepage ID (the third person in the back for the protection of personal information *) by commenting on the official Facebook page post. ex) Checkthis***/Quiz correct answer 3.Completion of participation [Announcing winners]Public notice on website after 12 p.m., August 19, 2021/Facebook announcement  [Note]1. This event is not eligible for a duplicate; (one per account is available); 2. Reconfirm whether the winner joins the website when comparing the winners [Winning Products] 1.. Two aprons;2. Two light bags; - All products are the shooting accessories used by the members at the shooting site. [Quiz of episode 1] What is the word that ‘U-Know’ said to children? “Let’s not be brazen and let it be OOO.”  [Quiz of episode 2] What is the storybook material selected by the strongest Changmin’s team?       

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-07-22
  • TVXQ!의 책디스아웃 홈페이지 오픈 기념 응원 기대댓글 이벤트 안내

    댓글작성 인스타그램 게시물월 21일 TVXQ!의 책디스아웃 공식 홈페이지 오픈 기념 사인 폴라로이드 증정 이벤트를 진행합니다.홈페이지 아이디와 기대댓글을 함께 남겨주신 분들 중 총20분을 추첨하여 TVXQ! 친필사인 폴라로이드를 증정합니다. [참여기간]2021년 7월21일(수) ~ 2021년 7월30일(금) 오전 11시 59분까지 [참여방법]1. 공식 홈페이지 접속 후 회원가입2. 인스타그램 게시물 댓글로 홈페이지 아이디(개인정보 보호를 위해 뒤 3자는 *표시)와 함께 본방송 기대 댓글을 남겨주세요.ex) checkthis***/첫방송 너무 기대됩니다! 3. 참여완료 [당첨자 발표]2021년 8월6일 오후 12시 이후 홈페이지 공지게시판 / 인스타그램 공지 [유의사항]본 이벤트는 중복당첨이 불가 합니다.(1계정당 1회당첨 가능)당첨자 대조시, 홈페이지 가입여부를 재확인 합니다. 참여방법 확인 후 팬 여러분의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.    On July 21st, TVXQ!'s Check This Out official website will be opened with a signed Polaroid gift event.A total of 20 people will be drawn from among those who have left their website ID and expected comments together. You will receive a signed Polaroid from TVXQ.  [Participation Period]From Wednesday, July 21, 2021 to Friday, July 30, 2021 at 11:59 am  [How to participate]1. Sign up for membership after accessing the official website2. In the comments on Instagram posts, please leave a comment with your website ID (for privacy protection, the last 3 letters are marked with *) and your expectations for the broadcast.ex) checkthis***/I'm really looking forward to the first broadcast!3. Participation completed [Winner Announcement]After 12 pm on August 6, 2021 Homepage notice board / Instagram notice [Notice]This event cannot be won twice. (You can win once per account)When comparing winners, reconfirm whether or not you have registered on the website.  After confirming the participation method, we ask for lot's of participation from the fans.   7月21日、「TVXQ!のCHECK THIS OUT」公式サイトオープン記念 サインポラロイドプレゼントキャンペーンを開催します。公式サイトで会員登録したIDとコメントをしてくれた方の中から、抽選で20名様にTVXQ!直筆サイン入りポラロイドをプレゼントします。 【キャンペーン期間】2021年7月21日(水)~2021年7月30日(金)午前11時59分 【参加方法】1.「CHECK THIS OUT」公式サイト(にアクセスし、会員登録を行う2.「CHECK THIS OUT」公式Instagram(@checkthisout.official)をフォローし、「@checkthisout.official」が投稿した記事のコメント欄に、公式サイトで登録したID(下3桁は「***」と表記)と応援&期待の声をコメントをする例:IDが「checkthisout」の場合、「 checkthis*** 初回放送がすごく楽しみです! 」3.応募完了 【当選発表】2021年8月6日午後12時以降、公式サイトのNOTICE / 公式インスタグラムでお知らせします 【注意事項】このキャンペーンの重複応募はできません。(1アカウントにつき1回のご応募が有効)当選者には、公式サイト会員登録について再度確認いたします。 プレゼントはキャンペーン終了後、当選者に確認し発送する予定です。    7月21日 东方神起的 CHECK THIS OUT 正式主页开放纪念活动将举行宝丽来赠送活动。在主页ID和期待留言的人中,共抽签20分钟,赠送TVXQ!亲笔签名宝丽来。 [参与期]2021年7月21日(星期三)至2021年7月30日(星期五)上午11:59 [参与方法]1. 正式主页访问后加入会员2. 请在Instagram帖子评论中与主页ID (显示最后3封信,以保护个人信息*) 一起留下支持评论。ex) checkthis***/第一次广播太期待了!3. 完成参与 [获奖者公告]2021年8月6日下午12时后,主页公告/Instagram公告 【注意】本次活动不允许重复参与(每个账号一次)比较获奖者时,请仔细检查您是否参与过网站。 确认参与方法后,请各位粉丝多多参与。

    CHECK THIS OUT 2021-07-20
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